Man Named David Assman Couldn’t Have ‘ASSMAN’ License Plate, Makes Decal Instead

Photo by Facebook/David Assman

There are plenty of people on this Earth which disdain their parents’ decision when it came to their names. Some even go great lengths to change their names, that’s not just for celebrities. Still, David Assman, is not one of those people. You see, Assman *sigh,* loves his name so much that he wanted to put it on his license plate.


Unfortunately for Assman, his province, Saskatchewan, Canada, does not share the same enthusiasm for his surname. Even more unfortunate was Assman actually wanted his surname placed on his license plate as an identifier, something his province did not like. Hence, the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), which is responsible for the license plate just rejected Assman’s “ASSMAN” plate identifier.


In fact, it only took four hours for Assman’s request to be rejected upon submission. This left Assman quite disappointed at the local government. So, like any displeased Canadian, Assman, politely took matters into his own hands. He placed his surname at the tailgate of his truck as a decal. Turns out, it was probably for the better, just look at how big he was able to paint it:

Good luck making it that big with a license plate. Assman even made it look like a giant license plate with all the four bolt holes included.


“I could have got a plate for the front but I really wanted a vanity plate on the back of my truck. See, I hate to say it but I’m kinda a sarcastic ass and well I just wanted to go big!” Explained Assman. His improvisation has since gone viral and caught the attention of SGI. Thankfully they were a good sport about it:

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