Lottery Jackpot Winner Seals Identity With A ‘Scream’ Mask


A man from Jamaica who desired to remain anonymous while retrieving a $1.17 million lottery jackpot draped the attire of the killer from Scream.

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The winner, named only as A. Campbell, won a Super Lotto jackpot for the amount of roughly $1.17 million and waited 54 days to claim his new money.

Campbell at length arrived at the lottery headquarters this month to get his prize from Super Lotto operator Supreme Ventures Ltd. and he elected to conceal his face behind a Ghostface mask, renowned for being donned by the various slashers in the Scream movie franchise.

Jamaican lottery jackpot winners have been famed to put on masks in the past as a way of keeping their newfangled riches a secret from the public – for obvious reasons.

As far as the United States goes, the rules concerning anonymity vary by state. Some states require any and all lottery winners to reveal their identity. Staying anonymous when you win a lottery prize can only be done in seven states: Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, North Dakota, Maryland, Kansas and Delaware.

Lottery protocols, as far as claiming a jackpot, too differ from state to state. This is no contrast as to when you formally receive the cash. In Maryland, lotto payouts can take place in 10 business days (two weeks) or less after your claim is made; unlike in California, the postponement between the payout and claim can be in surplus of 6 weeks.


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