‘Sex Button’ Subtly Lets Your Mate Know You Want To Get It On

sex button

If only there was a device you could press that lets your beau know you want to shoop … well, now there’s a button that does exactly that.

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Actually, there are two buttons – one for you and one for your partner. Created by LoveSync, if you’re feeling ‘freaky deaky,’ you can discreetly press your button and your lover won’t know – though, if they too ‘feel froggy’ and they tap their button within a certain time period, the buttons then glow to inform you both that it’s baby-making time.

If your significant other does not press their button, than they will never know you pressed yours. The gadget is depicted as: “An entirely new way to increase your sexual frequency and boost your romantic relationship with the simple press of a button.”

The device has a consensus window of 15 minutes, however that can be extended by pushing it more than once. If you tap the sex button 5 times, the window will open for approx 24 hours, but if you abruptly remember you have other obligations to attend to, or you change your mind, you may cancel it by holding onto the pushbutton for four seconds.

via India Today; Ryan and Jenn Cmich

“With LoveSync there’s no rejection, no guilt and no missed opportunities. Take the luck out of getting lucky and make your move with confidence!” says LoveSync’s Kickstarter page. Of their $7,500 (£5,800) goal, thus far they’ve raised more than $3,900 (£3,000).

Ryan Cmich, who launched LoveSync with his spouse Jenn, stated: “Having used and benefited from the LoveSync button in our own relationship over the past months, my wife and I are convinced in the technology, and that there are many others like us who it will benefit.

“It provides the most benefit for couples who tend to not be as frequently outward about their sexual desires, but even those with above average drive have room to improve.”


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