‘Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men’ Hold Anti-Valentine’s Day Protest in Japan

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We all know love in one form or another, right? Most of us have experienced or seen it from the moment we were born. Despite that, Valentine’s Day is not for everyone, especially for people who just can’t find dates. Some of them even formed a coalition called “Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men” to hold an anti-Valentine’s Day protest.


Well, to be more specific, their organization is actually called Kakumeiteki Himote Domei, which does translate to Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men. So, what do these unpopular men want– or rather not want, for Valentine’s Day? They’re all for the abolition of “romantic capitalism.”


You see, in Japan, it is customary for people to give chocolates to the person they like, date or no date. Hence, the more chocolate a person has, the more popular or “loved” they are during Valentine’s Day. The unpopular men don’t like that, hence eight of them, including one woman, took to the streets chanting “Crush Valentine’s Day!” and “Don’t be controlled by the conspiracies of the candy makers!”

“Don’t judge a person’s worth by how many people they receive Valentine’s Day chocolate from! It’s wrong to make fun of unpopular people!,” shouts their leader Takayuki Akimoto. Apparently, they do this every year. This year, they even braved the cold winds just to hold their protest for their uh, noble cause.


Regardless, a lot of people seem puzzled by the unpopular men’s goals as their opinions do seem… unpopular. One thing is for certain, it’s not just the winds which will be cold to these guys come Valentine’s Day.

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