After Discovering Sharp Hook Inside Her Tampon, Woman Issues Warning


Harmony Grant purchased some new tampons. She unwrapped the pack, and freakishly found that there was a metallic, sharp hook inside.

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Grant is now sharing her horrifying experience with others. How could a whole metal hook have eluded those who are accountable for packaging the tampons? Like, what if she had not checked and had accidentally stuff the sharp object inside her cooty cat?

Many inquiries come to mind here! Fortuitously for others, Grant was not about to let this mishap take place without recounting it. She snapped a picture of the packaging and shared it online with all of her social media followers. Responsible for the manufacturing of the tampons is Edgewell Personal Care.

When Grant contacted the company to ask if they’d be inclined to remedy the situation, all they were willing to do was give her a refund for the box of tampons that she had bought. Understandably, this did not work for Grant.

Now – how can a corporation jeopardize their customers like this and figure a simple refund makes it alright? Grant states she’s been ‘scared away’ from using of tampons for the rest of her life. Should the company compensate her for the resuming emotional trauma?

Perhaps. If you’ve ever unveiled an item to this degree in something that you have purchased, you can relate most likely to the revulsion that Grant felt.

Thereby, ladies, please triple-check your tampons prior to insertion! Too, Share this story folks to elevate awareness about Grant’s plight and Egdewell’s insensitivity/negligence.


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