Opulent Home Has A Peculiar Hidden Feature: It’s Underground!


A Las Vegas home boasts 15,000 square feet and is listed at $18M. The main feature? The entire abode is roughly 30 feet underground.

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Do you covet the grand outdoors? Do you often step outside to inhale some fresh air, even on brick winter days? Does it enthuse you to view wild creatures cavorting in your backyard? If “no” is your answer to these inquiries, well, we have the ideal domicile for you!

Adjacent to the Las Vegas strip, there’s a luxe home with an extremely low profile seeking a new owner. The dugout at 3970 Spencer Street is the conception of Avon exec Girard Henderson, a devoted fancier of underground living who configured his subterranean crib to appear like an ordinary above-ground home.

Henderson contends that living underground is healthier and utilizes less energy, particularly air conditioning usage. In the backyard is faux grass, bogus windows, and an artificial sky even all beef up the illusion. The landscapes shift hour by hour from day to night, with synthetic stars showing on the ceiling as dusk calms in plus a glow-in-the-dark skyline colored onto the walls.

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Though there’s a modest house above ground (constructed by Henderson’s wife following his death), the essential features are situated in the lower level. Below, is a living room, a kitchen, billiard room, wet bar, pool, putting green, five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

There is too a distinct underground guest house with its very own kitchenette. The curb appeal of the lot is shifty right now, though a new owner yearning to develop their dream home could do much with the property.

When the home was up for sale last time, it transfered hands for merely $1.15 million, however agent Stephan LaForge states the $17M spike is in regards to one thing: location, location, location.

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