Petting Dogs Stimulates Brain Like A Narcotic, Study Confirms


Studies reveal that petting dogs light up a specific part of our brains, the same region that reacts to the usage of drugs.

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Some of us may feel as if we’re hooked on spending quality time with our dogs. Our pets make us merry and the positive impact that they can have on our brains is inconceivable to ignore. However, did you know there’s actually scientific evidence to endorse these sentiments?

You bet. “Hugs, not drugs” may come off like a goofy form of advice to some though accordant to the outcomes of one study, the findings more than speak for themselves. Petting of a canine affects us in various ways.

When we touch assorted items, our brains lodge the feelings into 3 different categories. Pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral are the three categories. When the pleasant segment of the brain is sparked, dopamine is released. This is where the parallels between drug usage and dog petting come into play.

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Serotonin is too released. Serotonin and dopamine are ordinarily associated with the consumption of certain drugs. MDMA, cocaine and alcohol all fit under this category.

Feel good chemicals are discharged every time a dog is petted. Those who are suffering from low levels of serotonin and dopamine can spiked up these shortcomings by taking the time to pet a dog.

This is the reason dogs are most used as emotional support animals. Even something as plain as looking into a dog’s eyes can effect mindsets positively.


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