It’s Official, This New Emoji Is The Perfect Response For Unsolicited ‘Dick Pics’

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Ever since people found out that they are protected by the veil of anonymity on the internet, their deep dark tendencies tend to get unleashed. Of course, the internet is more useful than it is troublesome, but the thing is, more people are using it for less than good reasons. This has never been more true for guys who send dick pics with reckless abandon. However, there is now a new emoji to counter them.


The start of February 2019 has mostly been positive and exciting as it brought along with it a slew of new software updates for our favorite apps. Among these are new emojis to be welcomed by the ever-growing family of them. One of them, however, stood out for being quite universal, and people who have looked at them will know what they are for immediately:

Yep, women love it, men hate it– or at least, the thirsty creeps who send unsolicited dick pics. The first time people saw it, they knew that it just had to be the official tiny penis gesture. But how is it any different than typing your displeasure at the dick pics sent to you? Well, let’s just say a picture paints a thousand words, enough to hurt the fragile male ego.

Of course, like most emojis, they had an initially different intent and purpose. Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia was asked what he thought about the anti-dick pics emoji; he agreed with them, “It sure does seem that way. In context, having an emoji … to refer to a small amount of something seems like it might be helpful. But I can definitely see how the gesture out of context does seem to imply a man’s small package.”

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