A Troll In Universal Orlando Will Fart Glitter At You, If You’d Like

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Waving, dancing and farting glitter at Universal Orlando patrons are part of Guy Diamond’s job description – and, people love it.

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A huge hit with the children, especially, it was only right to put in a Trolls exhibit to Universal Studios Orlando. They’re lively, fun and add a breath of fresh air to the park – okay, maybe not so fresh.

Guy Diamond, is the latest addition to the Trolls and he possesses some, let’s say, distinct traits. Peculiar and queerly endearing, the troll farts glitter in the direction of park guests.

Twitter users, of course, shared their thoughts.

Trolls have a reputation for their buffoonery, so perhaps farting glitter is not as bad as a human sneaking out a silent-but-lethal fart on a subway car!

Trolls will be out in the park shaking things up to six times a day, providing park-goers plenty of opportunity to see the glittery riddance. Guy will be amongst, non-flatulent and fully-dressed, Poppy and Branch. They will be meeting and greeting raring young spectators at the park.

While some individuals find the glitter fart hysterical, others had less of an eagerness to view the show.


Universal is renowned as an cheekier theme park. Eh, they did ultimately bring Jaws to life. It appears this new Trolls attraction is a bit divergent, and it persists to be witnessed just how touristed it will be.


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