Pot of Gold: Irish Teen Accidentally Becomes Millionaire Due To Banking Mistake

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We live in a world where people live paycheck to paycheck and overwork themselves for a chance to claw themselves out of the ditch capitalism dug them into. A sad reality for most of us. Hence, people often gamble and try their luck at a jackpot. One Irish teen, however, was luckier than most since he became a millionaire all because of a mistake from the bank.


Irish teen Dane Gillespie was going about his usual day and was browsing the internet as a normal teenager would. Recently, his grandmother was kind enough to give him a check amounting to £8,900 ($11,600). It was set to be deposited to his bank account, so Dane kept checking if the money already went through.


But it was not a mere £8,900 that the Irish teen came upon when the deposit went through– it was £8.9 million ($11.6 million). He was a millionaire. Just like that:

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Of course, Dane was in disbelief more so than ecstatic and took a screenshot of the amount and showed it to his mother. There was no doubt, Dane had £8.9 million. The Irish teen even began making expenditure plans and his first target was a Porsche, of course.


However, before Dane could enact of his dreams of being a filthy rich social media flexer, his mother knocked some sense into him, “don’t be daft, that’s not our money, we need to get this sorted,” she said.


For good reason too, it turns out, the bank simply made a mistake and added too many zeros to the Dane’s grandmother’s check. In fact, the bank soon realized their error and rectified it. Hence, Dane lost his money and status as quickly as he had gained it, a typical predicament among young people these days.

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