10 Best #BoycottGillette Memes Shared By Conservatives On Twitter

#BoycottGillette memes

The moment conservatives got a glimpse at Gillette’s newest commercial that is part of their “The Best Men Can Be” campaign they threw a fit. How dare a brand who sells razors and shaving creams have an opinion on male toxicity and call for me to stop acting like baffoons? If you haven’t seen the commercial, it addresses everything from bullying to the #MeToo movement, and Republicans are in a frenzy. They even started another boycott which inspired the #BoycottGillette hashtag. Here are the best memes to come out of this debatchery.

The Video They’re All Talking About

1. Conservatives Don’t Understand Toxic Masculinity

#BoycottGillette memes

Toxic masculinity and being masculine are two different things. Drink your scotch, smoke your cigars, keep the hair on your chest. Do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t affect we women! Toxic masculinity refers to treating women like sex objects and harassing us as we walk down the street. It applies to the men who beat their wives and grab asses in the club. Those who taunt and abuse the men who are more feminine than their standards of masculinity allow. If you partake in any of these things or think they’re okay, then you are part of the problem.

2. Gillette Was Once Part Of The Problem

#BoycottGillette memes

Almost every brand has used sex to sell their products, but Gillette put an end to this and made the necessary changes to their advertising campaigns. Just because they hired women to wear tight blue spandex at an event once upon a time doesn’t erase everything their commercial says.

3. Conservatives Don’t Think Women Shave

#BoycottGillette memes

War on men? Hardly! Pointing out flaws in our society has been a long time coming. If there has been a war on any gender it has been women, and it’s been going on for decades. It’s foolish to think that their entire customer base is men though, as most of P&G products are made for or bought by women. Practically every major brand from laundry detergent to sanitary napkins are owned by P&G so it’s not like their employees are going to starve any time soon. Also, get real Most men don’t even buy their own razors! Unless you’re single, you probably haven’t gone shopping for your own health care products in years.

4. Gillette Isn’t Stereotyping

#BoycottGillette memes

Is an ad asking men to stop being little shits really an attack? I suppose if you rely on toxic masculinity to get by, then you might consider it one. Calling all men little shits is a stereotype by the way, as it’s an overlysimplified description of how men act. Gillette’s commercial isn’t a stereotype because they specifically point out what makes men little shits. See the difference there?

5. Proof Of Toxic Masculinity

#BoycottGillette memes

This #BoycottGillette meme is unfortunately just one of the many that target the transgender community. While this one is on the tamer side, others were using specific photos of transgender women which is just so unnecessary. It’s also evidence that toxic masculinity isn’t something women have made up simply to aggravate men and have an excuse for this gender war they keep talking about. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

6. Conservatives Tossing Their Razors

#BoycottGillette memes

First, it was Nordstrom for putting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on clearance and then it was Nike gear for supporting Colin Kaepernick, but conservatives will always find something to boycott. Remember when they were boycotting Budweiser for their pro-immigration commercial that aired during the Super Bowl? There’s no way Trump’s fan club remembers that and have likely gone back to drinking their cheap beer. Keep burning and flushing your belongings though, we all know it makes a YUUGE difference.

7. Conservatives Are Switching To Schick

#BoycottGillette memes

These conservatives might be bragging all over Twitter about how they’ve switched to Schick razors but they clearly don’t realize how large this company is. Whining over Gillette’s commercial is just keeping the conversation going, which was likely their goal all along. Not to mention the fact that their ad has encouraged women as well as men who don’t feel threatened by their message to choose their products over others.

8. Conservatives Cut Off Their Testicles

#BoycottGillette memes

If only toxic masculinity were actually caused by testicles! Then we’d be able to cure these men by simply castrating them! Kind of like how men “cured” women who had “hysteria” with orgasms and cured lesbians with a stint in a psych ward. I’m sure if this “war on men” continues we’ll come up with something equally pleasant to help cure men.

9. Conservative Mock Up Of Ad For Women

It seems that the equivalent of a commercial calling out men for their toxic masculinity is calling out women for making men pay child support for a kid that isn’t theirs. If only there was a way to prevent this, like some kind of cheek swab or lab test. Oh wait, there is! They’re even sold over the counter at pharmacies these days, so if you pay child support for a kid that’s not yours then it’s completely your fault. Now, if only there was a similar test to administer to men to determine if they were toxic or not so we’d know to steer clear.

10. #BoycottGillette Will Have Trump Looking Like Santa Claus

It’s been over a century since a president sat in office without a clean-shaven face, but this #GilletteBoycott might change up those statistics. The last president with a full beard was Benjamin Harrison who sat in office from March 1889 to March 1893. If Trump decides to flush or melt his Gillette razors, we just might get to see a whole new side of him. A side where he looks like Santa Claus. By becoming known as the first president in over a century to rock a beard, at least one positive idea could come out of his presidency.

By the way, I officially use Gillette products exclusively now.

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