KKK Robe Auctioned & Bought For $3,000 In Pennsylvania, Angers Locals

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Racists are everywhere in the world no matter what, one of them is even a president. That’s probably why racists have come crawling out of the woodwork recently too, can’t discredit that newfound strength and rallying call they just got. Hence, that is probably why someone bought a KKK robe at an auction for $3,000, inciting outrage from locals.

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The incident happened in Snyder County, Pennsylvania at the Beaver Springs Auction Center last Saturday. Auctioneer Dawn Miller explicitly stated that they don’t mean any harm at all when they put up a mid-1920s “authentic” KKK robe and hood for auction. The robes were used by white supremacists to terrorize black people and jews back then.

At most, Dawn and her husband, Frank Miller estimated the said costume to sell for $750 with all the outcry it had generated from their town. However, both Dawn and everyone in the town was shocked that someone actually bid $3,000 for the white supremacist KKK robe.

It was, of course, from an anonymous bidder, which nevertheless exceeded the expectations of the locals. The sale even took place in a span of just two minutes. As such, they were angry at what just transpired. Some even compared the sale to buying bricks from Auschwitz, which is an equally notorious racism icon.


“It’s just something that should not be sold,” said a local man as the KKK robe spread hatred and I wouldn’t want anybody to make any profit off of it.” Dawn, however, defended that the said KKK robe is a “historical item” hence why she didn’t call off the auction despite the controversy.

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