Stuff Your Face With Any Of These Trump-Inspired Meals

Trump-Inspired Meals

The government has finally reopened, so why not celebrate with a meal inspired by the president who caused the longest government shutdown in our country’s history? Chefs all over the world have created Instagram worthy foods that troll Donald Trump in the harshest ways. Stuff your face with these Trump-inspired meals. They’re both funny and political!

The Donald Sandwhich Filled With B.S.

Trump-Inspired Meals

Down in Burlington, Vermont the Kountry Kart Deli serves The Donald. This sandwich is full of bologna slices which they humorously refer to as B.S. The white bread and American cheese play on Trump’s traditionally racist beliefs, as well as the promise to leave off the spicy mustard does. At $20.16, most people don’t actually buy this Trump-inspired meal but it has certainly caught the attention of the internet.

The Donald Drumpf Pizza

Trump-Inspired Meals

Located in Portland, Oregon Vinnie’s Pizza has invented The Donald Drumpf pizza combo that they like to call “The Wall.” Advertised as a wall of pizza with three triple toppings cut into slices so small that even a person with the tiniest hands can comfortably eat them, it’s a pie that the haters and the losers won’t be able to handle.

Taco Del Donald Trump

Trump-Inspired Meals

It’s not just Americans who are serving Trump-inspired meals. The Mexican restaurant Del Tio Beto serves a Trump taco that sounds hilariously disgusting. Located in the northern town of Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, the taco’s creator Humberto Erives makes it with a lot of tongue, a pinch of brain, and pig’s snout. That’s one Trump-inspired meal I won’t be trying any time soon.

The Trump Footlong Hot Dog

Keeping in line with Trump’s severe problem with saying anything remotely close to the truth every time he opens his mouth, “The Trump Footlong” is actually only three inches long. Served at the famous Wiener Circle stand in Chicago, it’s the perfect size for a quick snack. The restaurant is determined to “Make Wieners Great Again” and offer relief to everyone who suffers from tiny hands like our president.

Chinga Tu Pelo Beer

Trump-Inspired Meals

When the Latino-owned brewery 5 Rabbit heard Trump’s racist remarks about Mexicans and immigrants, they decided to pull the blonde ale they had created exclusively for a bar in Trump Tower. They rebranded the beer with the likeness of Trump on their label and renamed it “Chinga Tu Pelo” which translates to “Fuck Your Hair.” It’s the perfect beverage to wash down your Trump-inspired meals and their “Stop The Hate” label offers more than enough interesting text to keep you occupied as you eat.

The ImPeach Sundae

While you’re enjoying your Trump-inspired meal, make sure to leave room for a Trump-inspired dessert. The Franklin Fountain created the ImPeach Sundae which was temporarily available at their location in Philadelphia. Made with a scoop of their homemade peach ice cream and then topped with nuts from the cabinet the sundae was also served with a side of tomato ice cream topped with cheese doodles. Likely an attempt at recreating Trump’s likeness, it definitely sounds too revolting to actually consume. While The Franklin Fountain no longer serves this sundae, you can create your own with their homemade peach ice cream and roasted nuts.

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