[VIDEO] These Scary Alligators Are Freaking People Out With Their Clever Survival Skills

Photo by YouTube/jmack839

Winter is one of the most difficult times of the year for all living things, mainly because it’s cold. That also means no crops are going to grow and animals need to adapt or die. However, some scary alligators in the US are ahead of their time. They actually devised of a way to get through winter unscathed, or rather alive– by sticking their noses out after freezing underwater.


The bizarre ‘gator technique was observed in North Carolina. Recently, there had been a severe cold spell in the area, and this usually kills off plenty of wildlife, sometimes humans too. Scary alligators are certainly not exempt, but 18 of them actually managed to survive the harsh freezing water while staying encased in ice. Here’s how they did it, courtesy of The Swamp Park:

It seems these scary alligators stuck out their noses at just the right moment. While this is not the first time such a behavior has been observed in nature, it was not as widespread as this. Locals have actually dubbed it as Gators in ice since this is the first time that a group of them has done it in a seemingly collective fashion.


George Howard, manager at The Swamp Park, has also noticed that more and more alligators are electing to join Gators in ice, instead of trying other winter survival methods. Howard also stated that the scary alligators are actually undergoing “brumation,” a biological process similar to hibernation. Regardless, these ‘gators have freaked people out and amazed them at the same time. Now, that’s cold-blooded.

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