Tough Stray Cat Arrives On Porch One Day — & Said, “That’s It! I’m Here To Stay”


“He actually took over my backyard,” said one house owner, after a rugged street cat popped up on the porch one day and elected never to leave.

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A few years back, Orange Boy — too known as ‘OB’ — was an undomesticated cat living on the cut-throat streets of Boston. Lynne Gramer — who’s engaged with BFF (Boston’s Forgotten Felines), an organization that helps care for the wild cats of the city — had witnessed OB when she was out feeding some of the stray felines on her street.

“OB started coming around three years ago,” Gramer told local reporters. “One of the cats would pick on him when he would come to eat. I had to feed him at a different spot.”

Gramer elected to trap the skittish cat to have him neutered, to assist in diminishing the stray population. OB appeared to be an untamed cat who couldn’t really be subdued – so following the procedure, the vet suggested to return him back to the street.

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“So I released him back out,” Gramer stated. However, it was not the last Gramer saw of Orange Boy. “He would continue to come to eat. There were times when I would see him out on late nights and times when I wouldn’t see him for days.” Then, one day … the cat showed up and did something a bit peculiar.

“I was sitting in my yard [and] OB came up to me, rubbing against my leg. I was shocked,” explained Gramer. From then on in, Orange Boy simply got closer and closer. “He would attack my leg if I walked away, especially if I would go in my house. He actually took over my backyard.”

“At the time I had nowhere for him to go so I put a small shelter in the yard. It broke my heart every time I would look outside where he would lie on my stairs. He would meow as if to say, ‘Let me come in.'” Ultimately, the kitty Gramer was nurturing in her abode found a home, and the feral cat got to move inside.


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