Woman ‘Changed Race’ Using Melanin Injection, Says Her Babies Will Be Black Too

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Anyone who’s an adult these days will surely know our societies are not exactly the most conducive for human health. Because somehow, we managed to maintain a worrying social trend where people are not content with the skin they were born in. One German woman even sought to enact upon that and changed race– by using melanin injection. Now she believes she is of African-descent.


Martina Big is quite a popular glamour model from Germany. This is her (or rather, was her):

Photo by Lipstick Alley

You can clearly see that Martina is of Caucasian-descent and has an affinity for plastic surgery. It also seems that Martina got fond of African “tribal culture” during her trip and stay in Kenya. Too fond. So she decided to use melanin injection in her skin for two years, like when people use glutathione to sadly whiten their skin, but this is the other way around. Now, Martina identifies as a black woman:

Photo by YouTube/This Morning

However, Martina’s obsession with skin color does not stop with her. She also wants her future children to be involved. So now, she and her husband, Michael, are both convinced that any children they will be having are going to have black skin.

“My children will be black. We are not having plans, but I am discussing with my doctor to see if my body is okay, will I be able to breastfeed, what the baby will look like,” Martina adamantly claimed. When asked what will happen if she gave birth to a white child instead, she responded, “No. It’s a mix of Michael and me. I’m pretty sure it will be black or milk chocolate or a little bit light, it doesn’t matter.” Okay. “Milk chocolate.”

Of course, this drew the ire of the internet. Some even regarded what Martina did as the next-level of blackface. Though it seems the melanin injection-induced “black woman” and her husband don’t care what people say. They genuinely believe that their children are going to be black.

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