Newborn Undertakes ‘Manly’ Chores, And It’s The Funniest Thing EVER!


A dad has exhibited a photoshoot with his newborn son which show him conducting ‘manly’ duties – including chopping wood, fishing and lifting weights.

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In an effort to produce an ‘untypical’ newborn photoshoot, father-of-two Matt MacMillan mustered up a distinctive project that witnessed son Ryan, now six months, spurred into an assortment of banal situations.

MacMillan, 31, from New Jersey, started photographing Ryan when he was only two months old. The proud dad stated Ryan being born premature (weighing less than 3lbs [1.3kg]) is what inspired the endeavor, after Matt and his spouse Alyssa, 32, joked that the baby wasn’t premature but merely ‘advanced’ for his age – and thereby could take on ‘adult tasks’ featured in his photoshoot.

“Ryan was born nine weeks premature and was in hospital for the first six weeks of his life,” said Matt. “My wife and I like to joke that he is not premature, but just advanced, which is where this idea stemmed from. She helped me with everything. One of us would hold him in different positions, and then I’d just edit us out, so it looks like he is doing it all by himself. I find normal newborn photographs somewhat boring, so I thought I’d spice it up a bit this way.”

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The hysterical pics have since gone viral on the web, accumulating roughly 100,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

“I just tried to brainstorm different stereotypically manly activities. It was really fun,” Matt added. “He is a really good baby to work with. He is always laughing and smiling. It was funny, because I’ve received some angry comments from people who actually think that it’s real. They’re asking me how I could put my baby in danger like that. I had to laugh.

“I mean, there is no way a baby could lift an axe that size or go fishing or carve a turkey. He couldn’t even walk. They’re all completely photoshopped. There was no danger whatsoever.”

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