Women’s Reactions After Being Interrupted By Trump That Are Too Good Not To Share

Women's Reactions After Being Interrupted By Trump

If interrupting women were an art-form, President Donald Trump mastered it long before he decided to make a go for the White House. His complete disregard of any female when they speak would be laughable if it weren’t so disrespectful and if he weren’t the president of the United States. Sexism runs deep in this one, and since we can’t beat it out of him we’ll just have to continue to point out his wrongdoings with our protest signs and voter ballots. In the meantime, let’s take a look at these women’s reactions after being interrupted by Trump, as they’re too good not to share.

Hillary Clinton Bulldozes Trump Interruptions

If anyone knows what it’s like to be interrupted by Trump it’s Hillary Clinton. She has probably been interrupted by Trump more times than all of his wives combined. Presidential debates became a counting game for many journalists who noticed that Trump interrupted Clinton dozens of times. Clinton bulldozes his attempts to throw her off her game though and hardly skips a beat when Trump speaks over her. She even laughed it off as she raised the volume of her voice until she drowned out his voice. When asked about it Clinton said:

“[Trump’s] demeanor, his temperament, his behavior on the stage could be seen by everybody and people could draw their own conclusions.”

Unfortunately, at that time women were so used to being treated this way that many didn’t even notice this was occurring until the media pointed it out. Now, of course, women are becoming more aware of everyday sexism and are working towards making changes in this regard.

Nancy Pelosi Holds Her Ground

Before Trump decided to hold federal government employees hostage with his shutdown, he met with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to discuss border wall options. Vice President Mike Pence was in attendance as well but made no contributions to the conversation. The debate started with Trump introducing the issues, or his warped perspective of the issues, for about five minutes. He then invites Pelosi to chime in and waits a whole 20 seconds before interrupting her. Then he interrupts her again 15 seconds later, and then again. Throughout the entire 15 minute meeting, Trump ends up cutting Pelosi off more than 15 times.

Pelosi stood her ground though, and pushed forward with her thoughts no matter how many times Trump attempted to cut her off. Numerous times Trump made side comments to Schumer while Pelosi was still talking, acting as if the woman wasn’t even in the room. Ironically, the president decided to speak on Pelosi’s behalf and basically dismiss everything she’d said towards the end of the meeting saying:

“…Nancy is in a situation where it’s not easy for her to talk right now, and I understand that. And I fully understand that. We’re going to have a good discussion and we’re going to see what happens.”

Regardless of Trump’s constant interruptions, wagging his finger at her, talking down to her, and disrespecting her by calling her Nancy, Pelosi shut him down when she said:

 “Mr. President, please don’t characterize the strength that I bring to this meeting as the Leader of the House Democrats who just won a big victory.” 

Yamiche Alcindor Keeps A Straight Face

When PBS White House correspondant Yamiche Alcindor attempted to ask Trump a question, she could barely complete a sentence. Trump foolishly called himself a nationalist, and when Alcindor asked his thoughts on people associating that with white nationalism he did what he does best and attempted to redirect the attention back to the reporter. The president told Alcindor, a black woman, that her question was racist and bragged about having the highest poll numbers with African Americans.

Trump even goes as far as to question the reporter’s intelligence by asking her if she knows what the word means and then proceeding to explain it to her. Alcindor manages to keep a straight face throughout the entire exchange as she patiently waits for Trump to complete his rambling where he calls her racist, insulting, and calls her question terrible. Aside from lying about his poll numbers and giving her a broad definition of the word nationalism, Trump never really answers her question.

Weijia Jiang Calls Trump Out

When reporter Weijia Jiang asked Trump a question at a press conference this past September, she certainly didn’t hold back. Jiang starts off by saying she was following up on another reporter’s question that “I don’t think we got an answer to.” Umm, savage. Jiang then gets out just a few words before Trump interrupts her with his answer, even though he failed to hear the question in its entirety. The reporter attempts to finish her question numerous times only for Trump to blow her off with his “excuse me” statements. It seems that while it’s okay for Trump to interrupt others, no one should dare to do the same to him.

After rambling on for over a minute about the New York Times paying off women to say bad things about him, Jiang finally gets the opportunity to ask her question. Once again, she savagely points out that Trump hadn’t let her finish her question to which he interrupts her again to say, “you’ve been asking the question for 10 minutes.” Then again Jiang is savage responding, “You’ve been interrupting my question.” Trump asks her to sit down, but the reporter refuses to give up the mic and ultimately gets to ask her question which was about how his experiences being accused of sexual assault affected his thoughts on the Kavanaugh situation. It’s only when she’s able to get out her complete question that it becomes obvious that Trump’s rant was off topic, to say the least.

Stephen Colbert Counts

No one is safe when it comes to Trump’s interruption techniques, but women certainly experience it more often. It doesn’t matter how educated or powerful the women are that he’s speaking to, Trump looks down on all of them. Enjoy this count of how many times Trump interrupted a woman in a single press conference, curtosy of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

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