Most Savage Moments From Family Guy’s Episode Featuring Trump

“Family Guy” caused a bit of controversy recently after an episode featuring a cartoon portrayal of Donald Trump aired. In line with the show’s unique sense of humor, it touched based on most of the president’s most scandalous moments in office. The episode was so vicious that it had Trump fans crying into their MAGA hats and swearing off the show entirely.

While it’s reasonable to debate whether some of their jokes went too far, “Family Guy” creators are guilty of nothing but telling the truth. They shed light on a number of important issues that deserve our attention, even if they’re brought up in a cartoon best watched high. If you missed it or the show’s jokes went over your head, here’s a look at the most savage moments from this episode.

The Episode’s First Line

Trump on Family Guy

The premise behind this episode is that Peter gets a job as Trump’s new press secretary after proving how well he can deliver fake news. In the last episode, Peter’s hair turned grey which results in him becoming a commentator on the local news. Once Trump sees how awful Peter is at doing his job, he hires him. This episode starts with Peter and Donald Trump walking through the halls of the White House when Peter says, “Wow, the White House is great! There’s no wonder you spend two days a week here.” That’s the first line of the show. Epic.

Peter’s Job

Trump on Family Guy

The only responsibility Peter seems to have is to walk into rooms before Trump does to ensure there’s no static electricity that will put the president’s hair out of place. As you can imagine, Trump’s hair is a running joke throughout the episode.

Not Crawling With Russians

Trump on Family Guy

The Griffins are attending a classy White House dinner when Peter points out that the place is definitely not crawling with Russians. That’s when a man sitting at the next table agrees with Peter in an obvious Russian accent before flat out asking him what he overhears the president talking about. Peter gives the “fellow American” his Gmail login information so he can see for himself what the president is up to these days. Sounds about right.

Ivanka’s Rant

Trump on Family Guy

Meg is miserable at the dinner party because she had to move to Washington DC and people keep saying she looks like Chris Christie. In an attempt to leave the event she walks in on Ivanka Trump screaming on the phone in the kitchen. Her rant is not only savage but quite informative.

“Tell those kids if they ever want to see their parents again they’ll make the shoes! Do you know who you’re dealing with? My husband is the son of a felon who went to prison for blackmailing his brother-in-law by entrapping him with a prostitute and then mailing a copy of the tape to his own sister!”

Ivanka Introduces Meg To The President

Trump on Family Guy

In an attempt to cheer up Meg, Ivanka decides to give her a makeover. She then takes hot Meg to meet her father saying, “Let me introduce you to the president. He’s kind of like my boyfriend.” Ew. We then see Trump in his office getting his hair done by a man wielding a cotton candy machine. This is not only savage but likely the most creative theory of all time on how Trump gets his hair to look like that.

Trump Rings Meg’s Bell

Trump on Family Guy

After Ivanka leaves the office, Meg starts going on and on about how she’s such a huge fan of the president’s. Trump then decides to nonchalantly grab her by the pus*y before telling a surprised Meg, “Oh please. Every president since Washington has done this.” The show took the issue a step further when Meg told her parents what happened and neither of them believed her.

Trump Assaults Meg Again

Trump on Family Guy

Somehow Trump and Meg end up alone together again in his office. Well, alone with a cackling Mike Pence watching as the president assaults Meg a second time. In this scene, Trump resembles Jabba the Hutt as he tries to stick his tongue down a resistant Meg’s throat as the Griffins walk in. Peter now believes Meg and stands up to the president, ultimately quitting and vowing to not be mean like Trump anymore. Executive producer Rich Appel pointed out the importance of this scene saying, “In the history of the show, Peter hasn’t been that paternal with Meg, but he certainly likes Meg more than he likes Donald Trump, and that’s saying something.”

Melania Swats Trump’s Hand Away

What would a “Family Guy” episode mocking Trump be without a scene like this one? While many right-wingers have complained about the show targeting the president, executive producer Alec Sulkin points out that they’ve never been biased.

“We’ve had some episodes in the past that had some left leanings in them, but we take hard shots all around. We’ve made fun of the Clintons and Barack Obama. It’s not like we would avoid anyone because we vote this way or that way. In any time that ‘Family Guy’ has been on, we’ve pointed out idiots and the dumb things they do. This just happens to be our current person, and it would be no different if a Democrat were doing something idiotic, which they do.”

Trump And Peter Fight It Out

In an attempt to apologize to Trump, Peter and the president end up fist fighting after Peter calls Trump “cash poor.” Melania throws Peter a golf club and offers him sex if he manages to kill her husband in front of her. As the two are throwing down, they move from room to room in the White House and ultimately around Washington DC. During this time, the show savagely depicts Trump beating up a portrait of Barack Obama, a button on Trump’s desk that brings him Diet Cokes, a trip into a fountain where Trump’s tan washes off, and a hilarious division between the right and left. Spoiler alert, the two end up being saved by Canada.

If you’re wondering if producers were concerned about depicting a fight between the president and Peter, well they were. For like, a split second. Appel explained, “It crossed my mind early on, but then I just remembered from law school that the First Amendment protects primarily any free speech against the United States and our elected officials, so we’re good.”

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