Random Dog Crashes Fashion Show And Overshadows The Models [Video]

stray dog

A stray dog may not come off like the wisest choice for a fashion show though sometimes, it is best to appreciate the unexpected.

Junoesque models who possess ideal bodies are typically selected to exhibit clothes at fashion shows. However, there are some who do not comply to the ‘traditional standards’ of grandeur!

Take the K-9 in this fable, for instance. Clothes makers who find themselves seeking a fresh show stopper would be smart to pay close care to this one. One new ‘model’ is grasping the stage and we are 100% in support of it.

The runway walkers were garbed in sequins and beans though the dog was able to confiscate all of the spotlight. Entertainment journalist, Sohel Fidai, was on deck to snap photos of the models who were selected for the show. Naturally, she could not repel having the chance to take some pictures of the stray dog that elected to crash the soiree.


Was the stray animal a part of the show or was this a startling guest appearance? Initially, the crowd didn’t have a clue what to think. The models even were not utterly sure of what to do! Though they weren’t positive what to make of the events, all enjoyed the galas nonetheless.

No one halted the show and while several of the models may have been envious, they pulled themselves together awfully quickly. Besides, who can remain upset at a dog this charming?!

The stray was understandably not obtaining any attention and was beyond delighted to sop up the limelight for a few moments.


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