Baby With Long Hair Strikes Pantene Deal & The Pics Are Beyond Cute


A baby girl’s long hair is so stunning that it even garnered the attention of Pantene and more than 300K followers on social media.

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We might view the adorableness of babies from any number of positions however we often do not take their hair into consideration. Truth of the matter, a lot of babies are deficient in that area.

But then you have, Chanco. She boasts more than a complete head of hair – she retains an insane amount of it. Hair like you’ve never witnessed and she is not even 365-days-old yet!

For the first time she was seen recently on television as a model for Pantene Japan. It was a brief clip regarding her life: “Even when I was in my mommy’s tummy, I had lots of hair growing,” TV presenter Sato Kondo recites in the animation, “The Hairy Tale,” which the company shared. “Sway, sway, swaying… just like seaweed under the ocean.”

Chanco possessed a full head of hair from the time she came out the wound. When photographs were posted on IG at 4 months old, they swiftly went viral.

“She loves it. When I point a camera to her, she immediately starts smiling,” her mother stated in an interview about her organically photogenic daughter.

“I started sharing pictures on Instagram because she was my first baby, and everyone kept asking me how hair baby girl is doing every day. She sometimes eats her own hair when she is eating her meal,” her mum furthered.


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