Watch What This Little Girl Does For Her Pit Bull Friend After A Scary Earthquake

Photo by Facebook/Kyle Leary

Earthquakes are scary and can render anyone powerless and insignificant. Really, there are only a few things we can do to get through earthquakes and we don’t really have many options in dealing with them. At best, we can try to stay safe and reassure others. That is exactly what a little girl from the US did during a quake to her unlikely companion: a pit bull terrier.


Adalynn Leary from Alaska was quite a lucky baby when she was born. You see, the moment Adaylnn came into this world, she gained the loyalty of a trusty friend named Fury, a 100-pound pit bull terrier. Over the years, Fury watched after Adalynn and became her protector in her fragile infant years. Of course, Adalynn also came to depend on Fury’s companionship:

Photo by Facebook/Kyle Leary

Trouble struck when a powerful earthquake happened near Adalynn and her parents’ home recently. Since then, the family has experienced as much as 5,000 aftershocks following the earthquake. If this was enough to induce anxiety for humans, then you can bet it was terrorizing for dogs, and Fury the pit bull is no exception. As for Adalynn, she only slept peacefully with Fury by her side ever since the earthquake.


This time, around, Adalynn knew what to do and seemingly thought to return the favor of protection to Fury. Hence, the two found a way to deal with their fear of aftershocks, with Adalynn providing a literal safety blanket for Fury:

The video has since blown up and gone viral ever since it was posted. It’s easy to see why, the bond between Adalynn and her protective pit bull, Fury is certainly one that needs to be treasured and immortalized.

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