Woman Mistakenly Pronounced Dead Dies For Real at Morgue

Women Pronounced Dead After Car Accident is Found Alive in Morgue Fridge
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A woman mistakenly pronounced dead came back to life in the morgue – only to die again a few hours later.

The 62-year-old had been drinking at a family party in Vasilevka, Russia, when she seemed to pass away. A policeman called to the scene pronounced her dead, and the grandmother’s “body” was taken in a hearse to the morgue.

But as it turns out, the woman was still alive, and began wriggling when a staff member tried to place the identification tag on her foot.

The shocked morgue worker promptly called an ambulance, and paramedics spent 40 minutes trying to revive her. Sadly, she later died for real at a nearby hospital, from what chief doctor Mikhail Danilov described as “extreme cold” (or hypothermia) from the morgue.

Unfortunately, doctors believe had she received adequate treatment to begin with, she likely would have survived. As a result, a police investigation is being launched into her death,

A health official claims that the cop who initially attended the scene broke procedure by not calling an ambulance and pronouncing the woman dead himself.

“The police officer did not call for an ambulance, as required by instructions,” said the spokesperson.

“He certified the death on his own, called the undertaker’s and sent the body to the morgue without accompanying documents.”

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Women Pronounced Dead in Car Accident is Found Alive in Morgue Fridge

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