Man Has Dream Of Powerball Jackpot, Instead Wins Big Scratch-Off

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A man from North Carolina said his dreams about collecting a Powerball jackpot was close to reality when instead he won a $100K scratch-off prize.

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Tom Scott of Statesville informed NC Education Lottery officials that dreams about hitting the Powerball prompted him to stop at a store briefly before Christmas to purchase a ticket for the drawing, however there was a hiccup.

“I was a minute too late to get a ticket,” explained Scott. “The clerk told me they had just stopped selling tickets for the drawing so I figured I’d get a scratch-off ticket instead.”

Scott ultimately bought a Big Money Playbook scratch-off ticket as an alternative, which garnered him markedly less than the Powerball jackpot. “I won $30 on that one,” Scott stated. “So I still thought I was pretty lucky, even if I didn’t get a Powerball ticket.”

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The participant said the modest win spurred him to give the Big Money Playbook one more shot, so he procured another one of the tickets seven days later from a Circle K store.

“At first I thought I only won $10,000,” Scott noted. “But then I scratched off the multiplier and realized I won $100,000. I started shaking like a leaf. It’s still hard to believe that I won.”

Scott told most of the prize money will be stashed for retirement, though he is considering lavishing on a vacation with his other half. “We really enjoy golf,” Scott added. “So there’s a good chance we’ll go to Florida to get a few rounds in.”


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