Baby Loathes Peas So Much She Spoke Her First Words [Video]

first words

A young child, who utterly despises peas, expressed that rancor to her guardians via her facial expressions and very first words.

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A baby’s first words are extremely special and they can show up so abruptly. Plainly “dadda” or “momma” are the normal expressions a baby will speak first, however sometimes a youngster can astonish you.

A couple was feeding their baby girl, a task that ordinarily ends in a lot of peculiar faces and a big mess. The fresh parents got a tad more than they bargained for this time, though.

As mum scoops the smashed peas into the infant’s mouth, it is crystal clear that she totally wants nothing to do with them!

The baby twists and turns, appearing as if she is about to cry.

You can hear the father in the background chuckling, but the kid was not thrilled at all. And since peas are good for you, mom insisted. The spoon she ‘choo-choos’ in for an additional mouthful and pretty much receives the same reaction. Shoving away another spoonful she smacks the table and asserts “I done” (or, at least produces noises that sound a lot like it).

The parents were stunned, and we are sure they were head over heels that they captured it all on tape! Videos of babies are very widespread, taking a glance at your Instagram feed will be a testament to that, though this video (above) unimpeachably takes the cake.


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