Hiker’s Shock When “Hairy Sleeping Animal” Turns Out to Be Spiders’ Nest

Hiker's Shock When "Hairy Sleeping Animal" Turns Out to Be Spiders' Nest
Source: @Rada_SC

Remember how we all laughed at the woman who jumped out of a moving car because she saw a spider?

Well, after watching this latest footage, we don’t blame her.

Two hikers came across what they believed to be a small hibernating animal, only to realise they’d disturbed a nest filled with thousands of spiders.

Hiker's Shock When "Hairy Sleeping Animal" Turns Out to Be Spiders' Nest
Source: @Rada_SC

The pair were walking near Alamos, in the Mexican state of Sonora, when they found what at first appeared to be a furry little mammal napping in the corner of a cave.

In the video, one hiker is heard asking: “I don’t know what it is but it’s very hairy! Is it a sleeping animal?”

For some bizarre reason, the duo then decided to poke the creature with a stick, at which point thousands of spiders begin to pour out.

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One of the walkers says: “Look at this.

“We found what we believed was a sleeping animal and it’s a spiders’ nest.

“They just keep coming.”

Rather than leave the bugs in peace, the hikers went on to move part of the nest away, releasing even more spiders.

Hiker's Shock When "Hairy Sleeping Animal" Turns Out to Be Spiders' Nest
Source: @Rada_SC

Since the pair shared video on social media, the clip has been watched over 1.6 million times.

And plenty of arachnophobes took to the comments to express their disgust, with one saying: “I had seven heart attacks after seeing this 

The arachnids were later identified as pholcidae, also known as cellar spiders or daddy longlegs. They are known for hanging in chaotic and uneven webs, which they build in dark and damp areas such as cellars and caves.

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