Cat And Deer Caught Making Out Oh-So Cutely [Pics]


Heather Raskell and family were just sitting down for their dinner, when they noticed outside a young buck leaning down and encompassing a cat with kisses.

via Facebook; ♪ “The deer don’t see nothing wrooong, with a little kitty love!” Wait, too soon (for that joke).. or?

“We looked out their back door, and this little baby buck was having a field day with this cat,” Raskell told reporters. “He was turning around like, ‘Here, get this spot, and make sure you get this spot.’

“At one point he rolled over onto his back and let the deer lick his belly. Every time the cat tried to walk away, the buck would be like, ‘Oh no. Come here. Come closer,’” added Raskell. “And he kind of took his little hoof and scooted him over to him. But he was very gentle. He wasn’t aggressive or mean to the cat at all.

“It was the most bizarre thing. He just licked that little guy forever. And the cat seemed to be like, ‘This is great.’”

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To the family’s amazement, the cat appeared to enjoy it! “The deer was drooling all over him,” Raskell furthered.

Raskell began taping the event from the table with her cellphone, which took place for about seven minutes, but she only snagged a small portion of it. By the end of the bizarre make out fest, the cat was “soaking wet,” she said.

“It was just an awesome opportunity to catch it. It was super sweet and super cute.”


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