Super Blood Moon: 2019 To Set Off With Satellite Phenomenon

super blood moon

The total lunar eclipse, dubbed ‘Blood Moon 2019’, will last for 1 hour and two minutes on January 20/21 – the last lunar eclipse til May 2021.

2019 is likely to be an amazing year for stargazers.

As a matter fact, the first month of this year is going to include a very rare lunar event – Super Blood Moon – to arouse amateur astronomers. This specific Super Blood Moon is going to actually be a trifecta of moon-like events – an entire lunar eclipse, super blood moon, plus a “Wolf Moon” – and is too being deemed the ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon.’

The Super Moon in 2019, which is scheduled for January 20 and 21 (according to the time zone), will be visible to persons across parts of western Europe and Africa and the Americas.

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The whole lunar eclipse will start at 10:11 am IST on January 21 (11:41pm ET, January 20) and will hold for 62 minutes, as noted by the National Geographic.

Most folks in Asia, India included, will miss the entire eclipse, whereas persons in eastern Europe and eastern Africa will just get to view the partial lunar eclipse, which begins before 10:11am, and remains after the 62 minutes mark. The whole lunar event, including the total eclipse and partial eclipses, will last for 3.5 hours.

If you slept through your science class and missed it … a total lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are perfectly aligned and the Earth obstructs all of Sun’s light from reaching the Moon. Additionally, a lunar eclipse takes place only when there’s a full Moon.


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