Watch: Knitters Piece Together World’s Largest Blanket In Ireland


An group of international knitters broke a Guinness World Record by rumpling a blanket in Ireland measuring 21,472 square feet.

via Pinterest; The now world’s largest blanket is approx 21,471.95 square feet.

Attempt arranger Valery Larkin stated she formed a Knitters of the World group on Facebook to gather donations of segments to be amassed into the planet’s largest hand knitted blanket (non-crochet).

Larkin said donations flew in from 32 countries including Turkey, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Singapore, Portugal, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, and the United States.

Larkin added the blanket was measured by Guinness prior to being cut into littler sections to be donated to the Red Cross. The blanket was constructed at Ireland’s Ennis Showgrounds, where volunteers found the floor was not big enough for the entire blanket to be deployed without being attached to roof girders and rolling up the walls.

Aside from the blanket (now), Ireland’s too known globally for several things. One being, St. Patrick’s Day. Saint Patty’s Day, may be the most famous Irish export actually. Saint Patrick is espoused as the man who reborn Ireland into Christianity, afar from Pagan Gods, and drove away the snakes (albeit, there were not any snakes to begin with)!

A few other things Ireland’s know for are Guinness, horse racing, whiskey, chocolate, irish soda bread, Irish stew, literature, Connemara Marble, linen, and Newbridge Silverware.


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