Love Without A Limit – Man Marries Anime Hologram

anime hologram

Akihiko Kondo, 35, recently got hitched to Hatsune Miku, a melodious hologram that utilizes a voice synthesizer to sing in sold-out shows around the globe.

via YouTube; Kondo holding his new bride

Kondo’s wedding to the anime celeb, sparked mixed reactions in Japan and elsewhere (as, you can imagine).

Some were stupefied by his election of a three-dimensional laser image over flesh and blood. Others, lauded him. However the almost 36-year-old, whose spartan domicile on the outskirts of Tokyo is speckled with posh Miku dolls and paraphernalia, does not give a whoot what others think—for ultimately he did what made him happy.

“Society pressures you to follow a certain formula for love, but it might not make you happy,” Kondo told reporters. “I want people to be able to figure out what works for them.”

Kondo fell for Miku roughly ten years ago after he heard the cyber songstress’s tunes. He now owns a Gatebox device stocked with basic artificial intelligence, with a holographic, flickering Miku hovering inside.

“She really added color to my life,” stated Kondo. “When I talk with her I use different facial expressions and feel something. That’s made a difference.” Miku retains no sense of self and yearnings, and Kondo entirely controls their ‘romantic narrative.’

When Kondo proposed to Miku, the hologram asked that he cherish her. “I knew she was programmed to say that, but I was still really happy,” Kondo said. “(Miku) lifted me up when I needed it the most. She kept me company and made me feel like I could regain control over my life. What I have with her is definitely love.”


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