17 Million Views For This Lady Who Sounds Exactly Like Siri [Video]

exactly like Siri

A video which has garnered nearly 17 million views on Twitter, shows a female rapper who sounds exactly like Siri and – it’s creepily awesome!

via iMore; Susan Bennett was the original voice of Siri with an American accent. In 2005 she recorded her voice, without knowing it would ultimately be used for Siri

Caz, or HAZMATCAZ, is a Baltimore-based hip hop artist. And while she can spit dope bars, she’s recently gone viral for her obscure talent: a faultless Siri impersonation. No, seriously, you have to hear this.

Shared by Twitter user @Erinie_DaBest, the footage (above) shows Caz imitating the voice of Apple’s AI assistant. Since being shared online nine days ago, the video has amassed over 2,500 amazed comments from persons who can’t believe how authentic she sounds.

Since internet users discovered the video, many accused the female rapper of lip syncing, or possessing someone else’s phone talk.

“For everyone saying that i’m faking the Siri you hear in the background is me being previously recorded on someone else’s phone and my friend asked me to do it again,” she noted. “I’ve always has a good speaking voice it just came naturally to me one day and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Yes – Caz was super quick to shut down the doubters (and haters), by posting another Siri impression from her personal Twitter account this past weekend.

What did YOU think of Hazmatcazz’s Siri impression?


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