Woman Demands $120 Tablet From Secret Santa Who “Didn’t Spend Enough on Her”

Woman Demands $120 Tablet From Secret Santa Who "Didn't Spend Enough on Her"

We’ve all received a christmas gift that we didn’t like, but most people do the nice thing and smile politely, say thank you, and donate the unwanted present to charity.

Not this woman, who instead of taking the high road over her disappointing (and we use the term loosely) Secret Santa present, demanded her co-worker spend more on her.

A Reddit user shared the text exchange with her anonymous colleague, along with the caption: “Honestly didn’t believe people like this actually existed. Why do a lot of them seem to be middle-aged women with kids?”

The thread starts off amiable enough, with the woman thanking the Secret Santa for her gift of chocolates and a blanket. However, it quickly becomes clear what her real motive is.

She types: “So…I know this is kinda awkward..but the spending limit was $50 and I looked online and it seems that the blanket and chocolates only add up to about $30?

“Do you think it’s possible you could get me something else? My kids have been spending me up the wazoo! LOL.”

Woman Demands $120 Tablet From Secret Santa Who "Didn't Spend Enough on Her"

The Redditor then offers to give the woman $20 to buy her family “something nice for the holidays.” However, she ignored his kind offer, and asked for a $120 Galaxy Tab A tablet instead!

She even went as far as suggesting that her colleague was being ungenerous, since as an engineer he earns more than her.

She added: “You’re kidding me right? You don’t even have kids… what else would you spend your money on?”

And after her co-worker dared to take three minutes to reply, she wrote: “Now you’re gonna ignore me… REAL nice of you! During the holidays!

“Honestly don’t know how you live with yourself. Disgusting!”

Reddit was understandably horrified. User DeeDeeInDc said: “She already crossed the line looking up how much the gift cost, that would have been the end of the convo for me.”

While Ella1570 added: “I would’ve just said “wow I must have been ripped off them because I paid $50. The nerve!”

Another user came up with a very good suggestion: “She’s lucky you don’t staple this exchange on the office’s bulletin board.”

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