Fish McBites Debut [Twitter Reacts]

Fish McBites McDonald's

McDonald’s new Fish McBites have opened the chain’s offerings up for pescatarians (as well as Catholics coming up on the Lenten season), and the menu item is popping up on drive-through boards across the land.

McDonald’s Fish McBites are also, we learned this week, the newest option for the fast-food chain on the kids menu — again, preserving Friday sales to a degree for a portion of Americans abstaining from meat and poultry consumption for religious reasons.

But are Fish McBites any good? Coastal folk can be a bit touchy about their seafood sources, and by and large, it seems social media is skeptical of the new addition. One tweeter gave it a stamp of approval:

But overwhelmingly, Twitter was unapproving of Fish McBites and Fish McBites Happy Meals, with some tweets indicating extreme distaste for the concept:

Do you plan to bravely try Fish McBites, or is Twitter’s unease enough to put you off?

Kim LaCapria

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