Mother Posts Mountain Of Gifts For Her Kids Online; Gets Called Selfish & Disgusting

mountain of gifts
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Spoiling your children may sound like a good idea on paper to make them happy, but in practice, it can actually make them, well, spoiled. Children who are accustomed to getting everything they want tend to become unappreciative and unhappy as they grow. Hence, one mom who bought a mountain of gifts for her kids got lambasted online after she posted the photos of said gifts.

38-year-old mother of three Emma Tapping from the Isle of Man, UK, has a different idea of being generous to her kids this season. She actually bought them a mountain of gifts. The quantity is so much that she even had to start wrapping as early as August. She also spent around $2,500 for the said mountain of gifts. Take a look at the pile she posted online previously:

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As you can see, we are not exaggerating… much. It really is a mountain of gifts. The pile even went so high, it nearly covered the Christmas tree. It was posted on social media, so naturally, Tapping attracted criticisms. A lot of comments were saying that what she was doing to her kids was disgusting. Some also claimed that she was being selfish by spoiling them.

To her defense, Tapping did claim that she works hard and actually has two jobs. Hence, she wants to spend it on making her kids happy. She also reasoned out that she does not spoil her kids all year round, only on Christmas. Finally, she said that she also teaches her kids to work hard and have discipline. What do you think of Tapping’s mountain of gifts, though? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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