Christmas Carol Gets Updated To Remove ‘Mary’s Virginity,’ Bishops Go Berserk

Christmas carol
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The main star of Christmas was never really Santa, or the gifts, or that delicious Turkey. It’s actually Jesus Christ himself and Christmas is pretty much his birthday. Hence, a lot of Christmas carol songs we know today are about him. One of the carols, however, has been edited to remove mentions of Mary’s virginity and Church officials are none too happy about that.


The said Christmas carol is none other than “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and apparently, it has been updated all across the UK churches to remove any mention or reference to Jesus’ mother’s virginity. The clergymen even warned parishioners to not be “squeamish” or sensitive about Mary’s womb or virginity.


The exact line that was replaced was “offspring of a virgin’s womb” and it is now “offspring of the favored one.” It seems they wanted to tone down all things Virgin Mary in the said Christmas carol. The said new version was sung in all churches in the UK during the Christmas period.


Of course, not everyone is with the highest clergymen’s decision for the Christmas carol. Senior Church of England clergy is actually warning choirs against singing the said new version because it can be “misleading” especially to those less familiar with Christianity.


According to Revd Marcus Walker, rector of Great St Bartholomew, the said change in the song “plays down the Virgin Birth, plays down the reality of Christ’s birth, and Mary’s femininity – that he came out of a womb; this was a real birth from a real woman.” Regardless, the decision has been made and the new version of the Christmas carol just removed Mary’s virginity.

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