Ankle Scarves Are The Latest Trend No One Called Forth

ankle scarves

Lercio, a publication based in Milan, recently featured an untypical trend: ankle scarves! Yes, people are actually wrapping knit scarves around their ankles.

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There are plenty people out there that no matter how many layers they put on, the weather outside is always ghastly for them and most spaces indoors feel too drafty.

It’s difficult for an individual with a low tolerance for chilled weather to find comfort, and since it’s impossible to take your blanket everywhere, other alternatives are needed when the temperatures turn bleak.

So for them, and for those who still opt to don their midi skirts and ankle crops without socks as opposed to full-length bottoms, swathing the ankles with a scarf could just be what the doctor ordered.

via Lercio

If you were thinking of buying the scarves for that friend who always feels like they’re inside of a refrigerator or for yourself, well just visit Lercio’s site.

If you’re feeling crafty though, shop in the kid’s section of stores and you may be able to locate scarves tiny enough to be wrapped around your ankle(s) minus excess fabric that you could trip and fall on.

Bundling up for winter can be even more arduous if you’re attempting to be warm and fashionable at the same time, but … these trendy ankle scarves can certainly assist your cause!


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