Hungry Goat Becomes Social Media Celebrity In China; Gets Saved From Slaughterhouse

hungry goat
Photo by YouTube/New China TV

Seems farm animals nowadays need only show off their talent to the internet to avoid slaughterhouses, pretty much like reality shows. One simply does not slaughter a cute thing too, especially when it is a goat who gets saved from the slaughterhouse for being a snack-hungry mammal. Such a tale exists in China where the hungry goat even became a celebrity.


Li Fu, is not the name of the goat. Li is actually a young goatherd and one regular goatherd day, he was out with a goat who he is tasked to bring to a slaughterhouse. However, Li noticed that there was something odd with the said goat. It appears to be one hungry creature. So he fed it.


Still, the said nameless goat would not settle for the usual grass. The kid actually wanted human snacks, some of which, Li was eating. Among these are cakes, fruits, and even instant noodles and kebabs. It seems the goat has developed a taste for human food and has the appetite and preferences of a typical foodie millennial.


So, Li decided not to sell the goat to the slaughterhouse. Instead, he spared him and made a social media account where the hungry goat and Li feature eating videos. In one of their videos, the Billy– er, I mean, the goat, even ate a whole cake while wearing cool 8-bit shades, your move internet Mukbang YouTubers:

Li and the goat’s page blew up quite quickly with as much as 300,000 followers on the Chinese platform alone, called Kuaishou. Most of their videos involve the goat trying to steal whatever food Li is eating.

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