People Are Chipping In To Pay For $380,000 Damaged Ferrari Bills, Here’s Why

damaged Ferrari
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It’s rare that people go out of their way just to do charity. Often, the people who can do that are wealthy and want to hit two birds with one stone with their PR. Hence, stories of the public doing helping someone en masse can be heartwarming. One such story exists in Taiwan where people worked together to help a man pay off his damaged Ferrari bills worth $380,000.


20-year-old Taiwanese Lin Chin-hsiang was apparently a hard working delivery man. His salary was at the above-minimum wage at 35,000 Taiwan dollars ($1136). During one of his shifts, he had to work all night. This caused him to fall asleep on the steering wheel of his delivery van. The van then smashed into four parked Ferraris, damaging them badly.


He is now safe, but the four damaged Ferrari bills went up as high as 11,700,000 Taiwan dollars ($380,000). That means it would take Lin 28 years to pay off the damaged Ferrari repair bill. Meanwhile, his family insurance only covers injuries and not damages.


Lin’s financial situation was apparently typical of poor Taiwanese families. His father actually died years ago, forcing him to drop out of college to help his mother make ends meet. Hence, Lin had to take up the said night shift job in addition to other work.


Lin’s situation tugged at the heartstrings of other Taiwanese whereupon they donated to Lin just to help him pay off the damaged Ferrari bills and legal fees. So far, around 100 donations have already been made amounting to 740,000 Taiwan dollars ($24,000). It’s still a long way to go, but more people are offering help and even personally visiting Lin and his mother just to pay off their absurd bill.

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