After Restraining Order, Man Changes Name & Face To Date Ex-GF Again

restraining order

A man from NJ who went the extra mile to win back his ex-girl despite a court restraining order was detained this morning after his ruse was discovered.

via Twitter; James Mack (left), “Jason Monroe” (right)

James Mack, 40, from Camden was sentenced to six months in jail in 2017 for criminally harassing his former girlfriend, though the sentence clearly didn’t deter him.

Being under a restraining order that prohibited him from contacting or nearing his ex, he started an intense transformation in order to pull it off without getting caught.

So, what did he do? Well … he legally changed his name to Jason Monroe, endured 37 plastic surgeries to alter his physical appearance and even had a dainty vocal cords operation to change his voice!

via Imgur; Mack’s ex-girlfriend, 34-year old Sarah Lopez, alleges it took nearly 5 weeks before she recognized him

Sarah Lopez, Mack’s ex-beau, claims she had no idea it was him when she “met him” at the local gym.

She states things were wonderful for a few weeks, but that she steadily began to feel that there was something off about her new boyfriend. “I sometimes thought he knew too many things about me, my family and my friends. Then this morning, he accidentally made a comment about when the first date, and then I realized who he really was.”

She called the police the moment she recognized him, and Mack fled. He was finally apprehended less than a half-hour later while hiding in bushes a few blocks from the residence. He was jailed for a restraining order violation, but other criminal charges could too be filed against him.


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