Woman Puzzlingly Tries To Refuel Tesla Car In Gas Station… Oh Yes She Did

gas station
Photo by Facebook/Funny Videos

Tesla cars have been around for years now and still, they are nowhere near as available or widespread in use, probably because of the price tag. As a result, not many people are keen on having one and not many people know how it works. We do have one down-to-Earth example and it involves an American woman trying to refuel her Tesla car… in a gas station.


One regular Saturday in the US got a lot more interesting for some motorists at a gas station. Apparently, something was causing quite a long waiting time at a self-service refuelling station. It was a blonde woman having trouble filling up her car. Upon closer inspection, however, it appears her automobile was a Tesla car. Here’s the video:

It was only uploaded just this Saturday and it already blew up to a whopping 11 million views. People were just as amused as the driver behind the said blonde woman who took the video at the gas station. You can even see her frantically searching for the fuel tank of the car everywhere until she just gave up and called someone.


The driver after her clearly had a field day with her ineptitude at operating a Tesla car. Of course, it could have just been borrowed but one would think that the lender would at least mention that it is an electric car, those things have been around for quite a while now.

gas station
Photo by Facebook/Funny Videos

Some did question the authenticity of the video seeing as the girl’s blonde locks appear too coincidental with her lack of knowledge to be authentic. Regardless, now we all know that Tesla cars don’t take gas, thank you, blonde Tesla driver.

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