Insane North Korea Laws That Closely Resemble Trump’s America

North Korea Laws and Trump's America

President Donald Trump may not be as close to Kim Jong Un as he is to his bestie Vladimir Putin, but that doesn’t mean the two don’t have a special bond. They have a ton of similar interests such as how they both think they’re gods, they love to control the media, and they seem to go to the same barber. When the two get on the phone with each other it is said to often lead to one of their notorious four-hour gabfests, one where Trump gets most of his inspiration from for his sick vision for our country. Here’s a list of the most insane laws in North Korea that closely resemble Trump’s America. 

Freedom Of Speech

North Korea Laws and Trump's America

Few people know that technically, North Korea’s constitution guarantees freedom of speech. They aren’t, however, guaranteed a media that offers more than one government sanctioned opinion. The regime goes out of their way to ensure North Koreans don’t have access to any news outlets from other countries, which can be anything from watching a foreign television network to reading a book or magazine published elsewhere. Anyone who disobeys these laws is sent to a labor camp where they will either starve to death or die from exhaustion. Oh, and their entire family can be sent too, up to three generations. 

Here in America, Trump is very adamant about pointing out any “fake news” he happens to come across. The only problem is that he’s pointing out stories that aren’t beneficial to his character and political policies. Even Facebook made a change to their site filtering out articles that are not factual, but who knows what they’re actually preventing us from seeing. Understandably, this has been to done to prevent other countries from getting involved in our politics but it’s still filtering the media.

Border Patrol

North Korea Laws and Trump's America

Trump might advertise the border wall as a way to prevent illegal immigrants from coming to the United States, but did you ever think that his reasons behind this wall could be to keep people in? North Koreans aren’t allowed to leave their country without permission, and you better believe that making a request to travel for leisure would be rejected in an instant. Thousands of citizens attempt to escape each year, even though the punishment is often execution. 

If Trump gets his wall, who’s to say what it will really be used for. We could easily be cut off from traveling to Mexico, which we all know is the only affordable beach vacay spot for Americans these days. As years pass, and we’re slowly stripped of our freedoms, Trump could easily use border patrol to keep us inside. If it’s not Trump, it could be another president down the line. Suddenly, we’re the refugees walking thousands of miles to get away from a tyrant and desperately seeking asylum. Do you think any other country would come to our aid? Ya, I think not.

Freedom Of Religion

North Korea Laws and Trump's America

Like America, North Korea also allows freedom of religion. As long as that religion follows the regime’s idea of what’s acceptable of course and isn’t practiced in America. Practicing Christianity or any other westernized religion is seen as suspicious these days and can land anyone who is caught inside one of their labor camps. Even though Christianity was the dominant religion in North Korea until just after World War II, it is slowly being phased out and practiced in secret. The only acceptable religion in North Korea these days is Juche, which is a union of Marxism and Korean nationalism created by Kim Il-sung. 

We in America also have freedom of religion. Unlike North Koreans who have formed a prejudice against westernized practices, we’ve formed a prejudice against middle-eastern practices. Americans are all free to practice whatever religion they choose, as long as it’s not Islam. We’ve made our country’s Islamaphobia pretty clear over the years, most recently with Trump’s Muslim ban. Even though the numbers show that most terrorist acts in our country have been performed by white men, we stick this label on anyone who remotely looks like could possibly be middle eastern. 

Work Ethic

North Korea Laws and Trump's America

North Koreans work six days a week and are required to volunteer on the seventh day. This leaves them with very little free time. Without television channels designed for entertainment or the ability to browse the internet there’s little for them to do otherwise, but with this kind of enforced worth ethic they don’t even have time to relax. But, do we in America get time to relax either?

Americans may not technically be forced to work any particular number of days, but if we don’t have a full-time job, we certainly can’t meet the cost of living. We also lose out on benefits such as health insurance, a retirement fund, and the respect of our loved ones. Forty hours might make up a standard work week, but if you want that promotion or to keep your job, then you’re likely working closer to fifty or sixty hours. North Koreans might not have the option to choose their career or how often they work, but they are all ensured jobs based on the country’s needs. They never have to worry about being unemployed.

An Idolized Leader

North Korea Laws and Trump's America

North Korean “supreme leaders” have a tendency to idolize themselves in what most would consider an excessive manner. Not only do they give themselves the title of the supreme, but it’s illegal to chew gum or be loud in the vicinity of any statue representing them. Even in death, they are treated like gods. On the anniversary date of Kim Il-sung’s death, the entire country is forced to mourn. Smiling, laughing, or talking loudly is strictly forbidden.  All citizens must keep a photo of the supreme leader in their home, which has to be the first item saved in case of a fire. As always, breaking any of these laws will have them sent to a labor camp. 

Much like Kim Jong Un, Trump feels entitled to this kind of treatment as well. He’s so delusional, that he actually believes he’s worshiped by Americans. This isn’t too far off, as we all know his fans can be quite obsessive, but there seems to be fewer and fewer of them with each passing day. There’s no doubt that before Trump’s term is over, he will have a statue of himself built using taxpayer dollars and resurected somewhere to honor his time in office. He’ll probably claim it was a gift, but we’ll know he’s lying. 

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