Rescued Bear Refuses To Hibernate For Winter; Keeps Wanting To Play Outside

hibernate for winter
Photo by Flickr/Gary Lackie

Nature during winter is a cold and harsh apocalypse for a lot of animal species. The best thing they can do to survive this condition is to fatten up and hibernate. One bear, however, does not give a jack about survival. He refuses to hibernate for winter and simply wants to play outside in the snow. He seriously needs to re-evaluate his priorities.


Riku is one odd bear. That is because he does not know how to be a bear. You see, he was raised by humans in unfavorable conditions which do not even come close to his natural habitat. He was even chained and refused sunlight by his former owner. So he was rescued by Four Paws International from his poor Albanian prison home to Dancing Bears Park Belitsa in Bulgaria, a sanctuary for abused bears.


Wouldn’t you know, he could bearly contain his excitement. For Riku who was raised like a prisoner, it was heaven. For the first time since he was a cub, he was finally able to roam freely. He was so happy that it was even causing problems because every year, he often refuses to hibernate for winter.


This was one of the hardest things to do for rescued bears because they were never given a chance to make their own dens. Riku doesn’t mind though, he gets to play in the snow:

Eventually, he will have to learn how to hibernate because most of the other rehabilitated bears already have. Now, if he could only stop being distracted by that branch:

It appears Riku is skipping hibernation again this year. Oh well, more playtime it is then.

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