Hare-Razing: Serial Rabbit Killer Terrorizes French Village

rabbit killer
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Apparently chaotic evil does exist in this world and they sometimes come in the form of psychopaths. Often, they are people who do bad things to others just because they can and they want to– a thought hard to grasp for stable people. One such case exists right now in a French village where a rabbit killer is on the prowl and brutally slays rabbits, terrorizing the locale.


To make matters worse, the said rabbit killer has already slaughtered seven rabbits, all belonging to rabbit owners and keepers. Such terror exists among rabbit owners in a French village in Brittany where the seven slain domesticated rabbits were also left on the ground like the work of some psychotic murderer.


Apparently, the rabbit killer spree even began as early back as March and his work could not be mistaken for wild animals on the hunt because some of the rabbits had stab marks while others appeared to have been stomped to death. There is also the fact that none of them were eaten. 

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The rabbit killer appears to leave no marks or messages other than the slain rabbits. Apparently, he/she sneaks into the owners’ homes just to take their rabbits and stab them with a needle or a knife or crush them underfoot. Needless to say, people are frightened because the perpetrator can easily sneak into homes at night and even attack people.


It also seems that the victims’ owners are usually pensioners who have a garden with other farm animals. What is baffling the locals is that the said town has been raising rabbits for nearly six decades and this is the first time that something like that has happened to them.

from Bunny GIFs via Gfycat

“You have to be sick to do something like this to animals. I mean, it’s not even to eat them,” claimed one of the locals. The rabbit killer still remains at large.

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