Student Gets ‘Arrested’ By School For Having Too Many Absences

too many absences
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We have all been there, assuming we all did go through the usual school days. Some days we just tend to feel tardy or inattentive because of unfortunate circumstances. Everyone does go through bad days, even kids. However, one high school in Oklahoma does not seem to care about that and they even arrested a junior high student for having too many absences.


The Muskogee Public School in Tulsa, Oklahoma apparently has its own set of school rules and system that are more strict and different than other schools. Apparently, they believed that a 14-year-old student of theirs (whose name is best left unknown) committed too many absences– 20 to be exact. So they handcuffed him took him to an intervention center.

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The boy’s mother, Stephanie, was furious and stormed the school. However, in their defense, Muskogee stated that what they did to the boy was perfectly legal as per their own “system.” Still, Stephanie defended her son saying that his absences were her responsibility. That, and the fact that what they did to the boy was harsh, being treated like a criminal for simply having too many absences.


“It’s my fault! Exactly! It’s not my 14-year-old son’s fault. He doesn’t have a car to get himself there. I could visibly see marks on his wrists. Even if it’s 20, they shouldn’t have handcuffed him in front of everybody,” claimed Stephanie. In some absences, Stephanie did say that her son got sick, she even provided doctor’s notes for those.


Muskogee did have an answer to that, courtesy of their director Steve Braun, “Four absences in a four week period can lead to a possible citation. That’s Oklahoma state statute. It’s been on the books for decades now.” Apparently, parents who do not sign the citation will have their absentee children taken to the intervention center.

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Still, Stephanie believes that the school could have handled it differently, without the handcuffs and the public humiliation,

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