Child Seemingly Teleports Into TV Report And Drives Internet Crazy [WATCH]

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We all would love to be able to teleport into places just like in most sci-fi universes, right? Apart from the fact that it would be very convenient for solving transportation and traffic problems, you also would no longer have to wake up two hours earlier to prepare for work. Apparently, one child has learned the secrets of teleportation and he demonstrated it in a TV report.

As you can guess, this drove the internet insane because teleportation is the key to the future. It happened during one BBC TV report regarding UK Prime Minister Theresa May back in Wednesday. One woman was being interviewed about the issue with the Prime Minister then out of nowhere, a child somehow appears into the camera frame and walks past. Take a look:

Needless to say, people were interested at how the child did it instead of being concerned in UK’s current affairs. But hey, a child from the future (possibly) demonstrating teleportation is current affairs. The said video above has actually been viewed over 1.65 million times by 44,000 users. They probably have their brain cells in a twist trying to grasp the mere idea of a child’s teleportation.

However, in comes BBC to ruin everyone’s complex theorems about the space-time continuum and temporal displacement. No, it wasn’t the work of a Time Lord. It wasn’t aliens either. Definitely not Vulcans nor Death Eaters. According to BBC, it was just bad editing in their part.

To further crush our dreams of the Wizarding World having a teleportation mishap in the muggle world, it was also explained by The Independent’s head of video Tom Ritchell in this thread. Yup, they broke the hearts of several major fandoms in one fell swoop, that’s BBC for you.

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