Startling Facts About MS-13 The World’s Most Notorious Gang

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MS-13 includes Salvadoran immigrants who were seeking refuge in the U.S. during the Salvadoran Civil War – and now, they’re the most notorious gang out.

The MS-13 gang was formulated in the ’80s and has its roots in the fecund gang soil of Los Angeles.

Although they derive from small-time origins, the gang has matured to an international threat. At this point, they’re a transnational criminal organization that is dubbed “the most dangerous gang in the world.”

Still – Los Angeles refugees established MS-13 to actually protect themselves from other LA gangs.

MS-13 encompasses 46 states and has roughly 50,000 members worldwide. MS-13 has too broadened to Mexico, outside traditional bases in Central America and the United States.

Big business for MS-13 members, however, is human trafficking. Between 2009-2015, authorities unearthed 9 prostitution rings in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, who were run by MS-13.

The MS-13’s motto is “kill, rape, control.” Along with Barrio 18 (their main rival gang), MS-13 made El Salvador the “murder capital of the world” accordant to reports; the country’s murder rate is 22 times that of the United States.

MS-13’s serious rivalry with Barrio 18 once led to 16 homicides a day for an entire month!

MS-13 and Barrio 18 had a brief truce in 2013, but it disbanded after a year. This led to the bloodiest month El Salvador had seen in more than ten years.

About 16 people were killed every day, and some say the truce was a cover to permit the gangs to expand.


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