COLD Chillin – Mantis Hitchhikes On Rare Blue Viper’s Head [Photo]


A bright green mantis apparently hitches a ride, as it sits on top of the raised head of a lethal, rare, beautiful blue viper.

As (visually) stunning as that blue viper is, it’s not the sort of creature you want to consort with.

Found across Indonesia in the lesser Sunda Islands, this island-dwelling, venomous snake is a forceful predator, and its proclivity towards fight over flight has made it a daunting presence in the Bali streets, where it’s one of the most common triggers of venomous bites.

Within this subspecies, the blue multitude is rare, and only occurs in spots such as Komodo Island, where both blue and green individuals have been detected.

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In the incredible photograph (seen featured), the bright green mantis cloaks its tiny legs around the svelte blue pit viper and leans its body near the shiny reptile’s skin.

“I took these pictures around 10 am in the morning in Padang in West Sumatra and casually uploaded the pictures on my Instagram page but it got so many hits,” said photographer Yan Hidayatyan.

While their venom sparingly kills (humans), it’s improbably horrid to get a bite from a blue pit viper – for, they have a ‘hemorrhagic’ venom, which can cause swelling, necrosis of the flesh, pain, and severe bleeding, both externally and internally.


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