Look What You Made Me Do: Taylor Swift Is Spying On Fans With Facial Recognition Tech

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More often than not, an artist or idol soars up high to a point that people become too obsessed with them. This can turn quite ugly because it breeds stalkers and superfans who live and breathe their idols. Taylor Swift is no exception. However, with her, it might also be the other way around as the singer is reportedly spying on fans with facial recognition technology.


That isn’t to say Swift is also without stalkers who are spying on her, she seems to have plenty. So her management did device of a way to keep her safe; by rooting out stalker fans using facial recognition. This, however, can easily backfire to a point where it is considered as spying on fans.


As it is, there are hundreds of millions of facial recognition data online. Problem is, not much legal instructions exist on how they are to be treated. In fact, only the state of Illinois in the US has such comprehensive laws on how this data should be handled. Hence, Swift’s team is using this to “take a peek” at potential stalkers in order to protect herself.


Basically, Taylor Swift is spying on people before or as they spy on her, now look what you made her do, fans. Regardless, there are plenty of ethical and security issues where innocent fans can easily be targeted. Not to mention facial recognition for smartphones can easily be tricked out with 3D-printed faces.


This means Taylor Swift is still not out of the woods yet in terms of stalker security. Guess she’ll just have to be fearless.

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