A Huge 315 kg. Middle Finger Statue Suddenly Got Erected In Vermont; Here’s Why

Middle Finger Statue
Photo by Twitter/Norm Kelly

Sometimes life screws you over to the point where you just want to give the finger to anyone and everyone involved in your predicament. No, a simple anger management is not going to fix that urge; the world is simply unfair. One man in the US got the short end of the stick, courtesy of town officials, so he gave them the middle finger– a huge middle finger statue, to be exact.


Ted Pelkey has been having a hard time with town official red tape for the past 10 years. He simply wanted a truck repair and recycling business on his garage but the authorities kept rejecting his permit requests. Pelkey claimed that Westford, Vermont town officials were “biased” against him, so they kept blocking the construction in his garage… consistently for 10 years.


Pelkey finally, er, “flipped,” and came up with a beautiful and structurally sound response; he commissioned a giant middle finger statue which weighed as much as 315 kilograms and placed it atop a mounted five-meter (16-foot) pole, complete with two floodlights in his property. It was big and tall enough for the whole town to see it in full obscene glory.

Initially, Pelkey had feared that he will be forced to take it down. However, he did learn that it was considered as “public art” and not a sign, meaning it was legal. That was perhaps one of the best reprieve he got from 10 years of town officials blocking his garage construction.

Pelkey did want his neighbors and civilians to know that the middle finger statue was not directed at them but at the town officials. So take that, government!

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