Study Says, Persons Over 40 Shouldn’t Work More Than 3 Days A Week


A study conducted by the Melbourne Institute Working Paper, supports the notion that employees over the age of 40 should work three days a week maximum.

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Who the heck wants to be forced to work every day, all day – no one! Fortunately, we have some cheerful news that can be forwarded along to your boss(es) as soon as possible.

According to MIWP test results, an adult of a particular age is far more productive when their working weeks are shorter. Over 3,000 women and over 3,000 men were evaluated for the study. A wide range of examinations were taken and their working habits were analyzed far more closely.

Participants in the study were discovered to have less trouble with their job duties when they are only working for 25 hours weekly. Once more and more work was tacked onto the docket, their ability to pass the exams was compromised substantially.

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The group that was evaluated after working a 55 hour week did not do so hot, coming as a surprise to essentially no one.

So there you have it, peeps – if you’re 40 or older, put the phone down right now and go swallow a chill tablet!

You’ve probably been working since your teen years anyway, right? Right. So don’t feel (too bad) about giving less hours to ‘the man,’ and more to your family (and self).


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